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Strategy-driven with functional design

Mar1designs is a Dutch Creative and Digital consulting firm driven by brand strategy, digitization, and creativity.

Strategy Driven

The revolutionary adoption of digital technology have altered your customer's expectations of service and user experience. If you haven't implemented this into your strategy, you are at risk. 

Functional Design

Carefully applied minimalist principles help me make attractive and effective websites with fewer elements, simplifying and improving users’ interactions.

How is work done @ Mar1designs?

It all starts with defining your strategy.

Strategy & Concept

It all begins with defining the problem, the goal, and the requirements. Looking beyond the digital channels, I look at the strategy, the brand, the market, the target group, and the message.


Whether it is the implementation of new digital processes or a brand new website, all projects are designed to fit your corporate identity. Taking the strengths, and improving the weaknesses.


What good is a pretty design, if it doesn't function? Together with my partners, we develop solutions that fit your current systems and improve your way of working.

Launch & Measure

Congratulations, you made it this far. We're not done yet though, I measure, control, and analyze the results for any project to optimize the work that has been done.

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