So what is it that I actually do?

Websites with purpose

At Mar1designs, creating a website is much more than tapping code and merging image elements. Websites create impact, impact for your brand. I believe that a website that suits your brand has the strength to fully pack the end user.


Consumers expect that every successive step in their customer journey runs smoothly. Retailers therefore cannot do without an omnichannel strategy that seamlessly connects all touch points, platforms, databases and connected screens.

Data & Analytics

Data is a crucial building block for the business success of almost every company. Too often, however, entrepreneurs do not make optimum use of this valuable raw material. I provide them with valuable insights and thus the ability to operate quickly and purposefully

Search Engine Optimization & Advertising

Google AdWords is an exceptionally effective marketing tool that allows you to reach your target audience quickly and stimulates conversion. Properly set up and well optimized, an AdWords search campaign pays for itself.

I work for your customers

So that means that I might have to take their sides at times and disagree with you.

I like to be challenged.

I thrive on feedback and expect nothing else from my clients. 

I am not your supplier.

Partnerships get the best results and therefore I like to be included in the thought process.

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